Frequently Asked Questions

What are oilfield chemicals?

Oilfield chemicals are used throughout the entire process of oil and gas production to assist with the challenges associated with naturally occurring organic and inorganic compounds. That can manifest in ways like deposits and emulsions, and impede efficient production and processing upstream and downstream.

What are industrial cleaning chemicals?

Planned activities like “Turnarounds” use Industrial chemicals in the removal process of organic and inorganic compounds in facilities like treating vessels and tanks.

What does ACI offer as an oilfield chemical supplier?

We provide a range of chemicals and application solutions for the Oil & Gas industry. Focusing on sustainable productivity, well stimulation[CP1] , and specialty production chemicals lead our offering. We also offer safe and easy to apply Industrial cleaning solutions. Please visit our Services page for more information.

Does ACI provide eco-friendly chemical solutions?

Yes. We are a manufacturer and distribution company that provides cost-effective, eco-friendly chemicals that will perform exceptionally, even in extremely challenging conditions. ACI also supplies less safe commodity solutions as an option.

Does ACI provide Lab services?

Yes. Our full-service lab can design, customize, and react to your chemical needs while providing you with the guidance you need every step of the way. Go to Lab Page

How does ACI service work?

In Oil and Gas production, our engineers utilize operational and application expertise to assist you with your goal. Focused on minimizing costs, and complexity, ACI has a viable solution for your every need.

Do you have case studies available?

Yes. Please visit our Blog to view our case studies.